Anonymous said: What about breast expansion turns you on?


The bigger boobs

Ask a simple person, get a simple answer.

ragingfeminist said: Hi! I saw your ask answering 50 Shades and I'm here to tell you YOU DO NOT WANT TO SUPPORT THIS BOOK OR MOVIE. The book is a terrible representation of BDSM with a dom that is manipulative, ignores safe words, ignores consent, is controlling, is abusive, and doesn't educate the main character on anything they do. Beyond that, it is terribly written, based off a Twilight fan fiction, and just overall a bad example of the BDSM community.

I would be a pretty big hypocrite if I were to condemn an author’s dangerous written fantasy. In fact a short story I wrote recently hits all of the same bad points, in that there is manipulation, lack of consent, etc. By your logic no one should support or enjoy my blog.

If the books were touting themselves as BDSM relationship guides then I’d get where you’re coming from, but it’s just bad masturbation fodder. I wear condoms with my sexual encounters, but that doesn’t mean I want hentai characters to practice safe sex.

I hope you don’t take this as disparaging; I know you mean well. We’ll just have to agree to disagree this time.


Anonymous said: I'm a single dad whose baby sitter has been flirting with him for months now. Last night while she was waiting for her room mate to pick her up we finally fucked. She asked me to treat her like the "filthy piece of property she is." When we were done she mentioned it's your blog that has gotten her to feel this way about herself, so I wanted to come by this morning and thank you for last night's adventures and the many I'm sure to come.

I’m going to assume/hope/pray she is at least 18 (or 16 in the UK; will someone please take me to England) before I say this, but say this I must:

Fucking hot!

It makes me feel all warm inside knowing that I’m helping slutty babysitters (adult, please) chase their perverted skank dreams. I haven’t been edging these past few days but I may just have to whip out the vibe for this one.

Next time you bang give her a smack on the ass from me.


thedemented1 said: not sure if you've answered it before, but have you read 50 shades of grey, and what are your thoughts on it?

Couldn’t get past the first page. I really hate books that speak in present-tense, omnipotent third person. It sounds ludicrously cheesy to me and makes me hyper aware that I’m reading a book instead being able to lose myself in it.

"She looks into her reflection and sees her long brown hair. As her eyes slide sexfully* up to stare at the clock, she wonders where the time has gone."

”’(Something about wanting to bone you)’ he whispers into her her ear, while she sits on the bed expectantly.”

"Dbts puts the book back on the shelf, a little askew, as she goes about her day."

Though I was happy that more kinky toys sprang up in adult stores everywhere after those books came out. Silver lining?


*sexfully is a word

Anonymous said: What would you tell a woman who says that porn is harmful and exploits other women?

I would say that there has not been nearly enough unbiased research into the psychological state of sex workers (strippers, porn stars, prostitutes) in order to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Most of the data that has been collected is usually by researchers who are out to prove how traumatic and distressing such a work environment is, which I imagine skews the results by seeking out the most mentally damaged test pool (such as homeless women who streetwalk to survive, or the seedy porn star who does the same). In the meantime, the rest of the more stable workers remain wary of someone trying to paint their profession as corrupt and damaging, most likely leading to even less credible results. I imagine porn companies and brothels vary in the level of professionalism and safety just as much as restaurants or retail locations do.

The studies that I’ve looked into have generally been split down the middle, some saying that these modes of work (mainly streetwalking) are damaging, others saying it’s no more psychologically distressing than being a nurse. And guess what? A lot of the more optimistic results come from places where their “offices” (as it were) were legal, open, and regulated by the government, so I think that should tell you something.

Trying to stomp out porn, brothels, or what-have-you, really just makes it more dangerous and difficult for the girls who will continue to do it regardless, and will keep away more mentally stable performers out of fear of safety. If these researchers were truly concerned for the safety and mental health of these women, they would rally for more worker’s rights and general acceptance of them as members of our society.

Instead they’re usually just trying to classify them all as a PTSD statistic so they can run to their congressmen and get La Maison Derrière shut down.


P.s. We put the “spring!” in Springfield.

Reader Submission

Nice post about slutty experiences, thanks for sharing, but what is 8th grade (in terms of how old you would be) please?

Usually it’s about 13, but I was ahead a year, so I was 12.


Anonymous said: What were some of your first slutty experiences?

In sixth grade I hung out with a group of five boys. After school we would go to Chris’ house, then one of them would get on the couch with me and we would play a “wrestling” game. They would get a point every time they touched my tits or pussy- I would get a point if I touched their dick (all of our clothes stayed on). I played the game with all of them. (I lost this game a lot but still enjoyed playing it for some reason.)

In seventh grade a boy named Joel talked me into showing him my pussy on a playground we would meet at after school. He told me that Sandra (a Chinese girl in our class) had a pussy that ran left to right. I thought this was dubious but let him trick me anyway.

In eighth grade I gave my first blow job. It was at a matinee showing of the movie “Bandits” with Bruce Willis. I don’t remember the name of the boy (I only saw him for a month or two), but I do remember he liked Less Than Jake and dressed in button-down shirts.

In the summer break before ninth grade I had my first threesome experience. We didn’t have sex (playing by Clinton rules), but I went down on my then “girlfriend” while a blonde boy (that I later lost my virginity to) played with her tits. My girlfriend’s house was often empty of parents after 9, and we would invite boys over. One of us would lie down with one of them (interchangeable) in the basement with the lights off (usually to crappy alt-rock music), and they would finger us and listen to us make noises. I lost my virginity to the blonde boy in the laundry room of her basement after everyone had fallen asleep one night. He was in eighth grade.

Then I moved out of state and didn’t know anyone for a bit. I blew a few boys and banged the ones I “dated” (and two I didn’t). I gave blow jobs to boys under pool tables and in the woods, in my bedroom before my dad got home and on our secluded patio after he fell asleep. I played with sex dice, bought my first vibrator from Spencer’s, and dated another girl. One night I took her to this wonderful, creative boy’s house while he and his friends were having band practce. I made out with her for awhile before the four boys reached out with eager hands and started taking her clothing off. I ate her out while they watched and fondled.

When I was fifteen I made out with a 36 year old lead singer of a little-known industrial band. I had seduced him after he had said “if only you were ten years older” to me when we were dancing after his set one night. Later that year I met a 26 year old who I dated for two years before I dumped him and went to college.

Look at me, streetwalking down memory lane. I was a slut the minute puberty hit, I tell ya.

I also may be a pinch drunk. Tmi?


Anonymous said: I just wanted to say that following your blog and seeing your posts scattered among my hardcore feminism posts is strangely arousing....posts about women being tough and not needing men followed by posts about submitting to the better sex and becoming a true bimbo. I love it

What sex-positive, misogyny kink feminists say:
Anything less than perfect equality is bullshit and a man doesn’t define me.

What sex-positive, misogyny kink feminists mean:
Yeah all that but/so my biggest kink and sexual taboo is for a man to just take away my rights and privileges and make me feel like the stereotypical female portrayal of docility, servility, and blind submission. I’ve been taught my whole life that this is wrong so now I want it more than anything else (especially during those late night hours when no one is looking). Please don’t let me think for myself. I say I want equal rights, but deep down I really just want a spanking. Let me be your good girl and I won’t want to do anything else.


Gimping around my house like it’s the Special Olympics

Who’s turned on by handicapped girls?


There’s a tenderness you feel when looking down and seeing a girl like this, a desire to shield and exploit, nurture and deflower all at once. It’s inexplicable, but as old as time. I don’t have a sarcastic quip for this picture, it’s just so beautiful and brings back memories and brings forward hopes.


There’s a tenderness you feel when looking down and seeing a girl like this, a desire to shield and exploit, nurture and deflower all at once. It’s inexplicable, but as old as time. I don’t have a sarcastic quip for this picture, it’s just so beautiful and brings back memories and brings forward hopes.

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Anonymous said: What is the point of a butt plug?


it gives you magical powers